How To Clean An Oven The Easy Way

April 18, 2020

How To Clean An Oven The Easy Way

Before cleaning your home spray the oven first!

The baked on grease and grim in your oven is the hardest gunk you will have to clean in your home and because of that it takes time for a cleaning product to penetrate. We recommend you spray down your oven before starting your weekly house cleaning to allow the layer of burnt food to soften for easy clean up.

We recommend Easy OFF Fume Free Spray for ovens because the wait time is only 2 hours! Wicked fast but if you are looking for more of a homemade remedy we recommed water, baking soda and white vinegar. Leave over night if you decide to use the homemade method.

For cleaning an oven glass window we have found that using a glass scraper or blade will get most grease off with a quick swipe. After you can spray a glass cleaner to get any remaining gunk.

A few pointers

  • Spray down the oven before doing other chores to allow cleaning products to penetrate the harden baked on food
  • Never heat up the oven when any products are sprayed inside
  • Use a scraper to get anything that wasn't softened up by the cleaning substance

If you need a bit of back up on your oven

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