5 Ways to Prep for the House Cleaners!

February 05, 2020

5 Ways to Prep for the House Cleaners!

Keep Animals and Children in a secure location

Putting dogs in a secured location helps keep any potential scares or worse when our cleaners come into your home. Keeping small children in a secured location will keep the work smooth for you and the cleaners!

Put any scattered items away

Putting scattered items away allows our cleaners to change a good cleaning into an amazing experience! This could be as easy as just picking up scattered toys or keeping counters clear for a thorough and time efficient cleaning.

Put private, heirlooms or valuables away

We would be devastated if we were to ever break or damage an heirloom or valuable item, so please take care to put these items away to not be touched or disturbed. This ensures your items will not be lost or damaged during your house cleaning experience.

Please mention any concerns or problems areas

If you're concerned about a specific spot in your home that needs a bit of special attention please mention that to our house cleaners before the cleaning. This ensures you get exactly what you want and tailors the experience to your needs.

Teamwork is the key to the best experience

Asking your house cleaner if there's anything they need from you can potentionally heighten the level of satisfaction of the cleaning experience for both the cleaners and yourself. Sometimes our cleaner may experience discomfort from the heat during the day when they clean. Some may be shy and not speak up about it. Open communication is the key to the greatest long term happiness of the relationship!