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Cleaning Done Right.

Minute Maids frees up your time and will leave your apartment incredibly clean and more comfortable through our specialized Chicago apartment cleaning service. Our professional cleaners are freaky, friendly perfectionists who pay close attention to all the details in your home and take pride in all their work.

An apartment cleaning service enhances the personality of your home and will make your apartment feel more like a home. It's also a huge saver of your time and energy (and sanity) so that you are able to spend them doing more of the things you love instead of mopping floors.

Whether you are looking for a reliable apartment cleaning service, just want a quote, or need a one-time cleaning for your apartment, Minute Maids Chicago is eager and happy to help provide the best apartment cleaning service Chicago has to offer!Get A Free Quote
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What Past Customers Are Saying

These guys were so professional and efficient! They were so thorough with their cleaning, my house hasn’t looked this good in months!

Danielle Bartsche | Lakewood

Maids were on-time, polite, and did a great job cleaning our house.

Gayle Kaufmann | Westlake

Made it quick and painless, will call back for future cleanings.

Mike Laakmann | Berea


House Cleaning
Vacation Rental Cleaning

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Why Hire Minute Maids?

Keeping an apartment clean is a tedious and taxing job thatconstantly needs to be maintained and kept up with and in order to do that, you either need to clean on a regular basis or you can make it easy on yourself and hire a professional cleaning service. As you know, when you neglect cleaning regularly, messes build up, you can't find the time to clean it properly, and it puts on a damper on your mood and the look of your home.

With Minute Maids Chicago, you don't have to worry about any of that as we make scheduling your aparmtent cleaning service a breeze and make sure that we will be there to keep your home maintained and clean. Our professional apartment cleaning service crews use the best-quality cleaning supplies and industry-leading techniques.

Being comfortable and appreciating the feeling and look of your home is a beautiful thing we want to provide for you! Cleanliness is a very strong instrument for conveying emotions and adding to the complete appearance of your home which is why an apartment cleaning service can make such a huge difference.

Our Chicago apartment cleaning service crews get this and strive to deliver an outstanding experience every time and help redefine the look of your home!
  • Trusted And Experienced Professionals

  • Use Premium Quality Supplies

  • Constant And Reliable Communication

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Advantages of An Apartment Cleaning Service

  • Refreshes Your Home Regularly Cleaning your apartment can make your home much more comfortable and inviting and give the inside of your Chicago apartment a different character that you can enjoy.

  • Cost Effective Keeping your apartment clean doesn't need to cost a fortune. Chicago apartment cleaning services can be a much cheaper way of transforming the look of your home than other methods.

  • Frees Up Your Time Your time is extremely valuable to us and so we want to and enjoy freeing up as much of it as we can for you! Hiring a professional apartment cleaning service can save you 10+ hours each month.

  • Peace Of Mind A professional apartment cleaning service will relieve you of the pressure and stress that comes from keeping your home clean. You can sit back and relax knowing your apartment will be thoroughly cleaned by someone who is experienced and knows how to properly clean all the surfaces and areas in your home.

Want to know more about our Chicago apartment cleaning services? Call (312) 285-0478‬ today!

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